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The Essential Guide: How Long Should You Stay Off Your Driveway After Paving?

how long to stay off driveway after paving:  Phoenix Paving

Knowing how long to stay off driveway after paving is extremely important.

The last thing you want is to damage your driveway by driving over it accidentally.

However, it can be difficult to figure out when you can drive/walk on new asphalt, so us here at Phoenix Paving Company are here to help.

We want to make it easy to understand how much time you should stay away from the driveway after laying fresh asphalt.

When is it ok to walk on your driveway after laying fresh asphalt?

Fresh asphalt will take around 3 days to cool down.

That means you shouldn’t walk on your driveway for at least 3 days, maybe a bit more if possible.

If it’s unavoidable and you really need to walk on the asphalt, then doing that at least a day after laying fresh asphalt is recommended.

But normally, 3 days or more should be the best option.

You want to allow your asphalt to become more compact, while also cooling down.

That way, you can avoid any possible problems!

What should you do with your vehicle?

When you are wondering how long to stay off your driveway after paving, the timeline is even longer for vehicles.

Ideally, you need to avoid driving on the new asphalt for around 72 hours.

However, you want to avoid parking on it for at least 14 days.

The huge amount of pressure and tonnage of a vehicle can be problematic if the asphalt is not compact and set properly.

In fact, the vehicle weight can lead to asphalt depressions, scarring and rutting.

And the larger the vehicle is, the more problematic this situation becomes.

If you have a large vehicle, you need to ensure that your driveway is designed to handle a huge amount of weight.

Even if you wait 3-4 days, you can still damage your driveway if the vehicle is very large and not suitable to park/drive on the driveway.

The situation is even more challenging if you lay your asphalt during the summer.

As we know, summer months are known to be very hot, and thus it will take a lot more time for the asphalt to cool down properly.

You may even take up to an entire month before you can drive or park on the driveway.

The problem here is that heat will end up making it harder for the asphalt to meet the necessary cooling temperature.

You either want to park the vehicle on your street or inside a garage, if possible.

how long to stay off driveway after paving:  Phoenix Paving

Things to keep in mind after laying asphalt on the driveway

Aside from parking your vehicle or driving onto the driveway, there are a few other things you need to keep in mind.

For example, there are other things that can leave indentations on your driveway if the asphalt was just added a few hours or a day ago.

These items include patio furniture, ladders, even motorcycles or anything with a kickstand.

Sure, these items are not as heavy as a car in most cases.

But they still generate a lot of pressure and that ends up being concentrated in a very small area.

That’s when you will have divots and asphalt damage.

Addressing that problem early on can help quite a bit, and it will eliminate any downsides.

Also, you always need to ensure that your vehicle doesn’t have any leaks.

Any gasoline, oil or petroleum products in general can damage your driveway.

The asphalt doesn’t blend well with any oil, even if it’s a petroleum product at its core.

The same thing can be said if you want to add gas in your lawnmower or other similar product before you park it on the driveway.

All of these leaks and chemicals can be extremely problematic and they lead to long term driveway damage.

What you can do is to learn how long to stay off your driveway after paving, and then avoid storing anything on the driveway for as much time as possible.

That will help save time, which is extremely helpful.

how long to stay off driveway after paving:  Phoenix Paving

Do you need to protect your new driveway from the rain?

Yes, and the main reason for that is that asphalt is very fragile and prone to severe damage when it’s exposed to water.

That’s especially true if we’re talking about the first 4 hours after installation.

That’s when the asphalt structure is still forming, and it’s not complete.

Adding water into the mix can lead to severe damage, and that’s certainly one of the things you want to avoid.

If you see any signs of rain, then you should cover your asphalt the best way that you can in order to prevent any rain issues down the line.

how long to stay off driveway after paving:  Phoenix Paving

What if you see any stain on the asphalt?

Generally, you want to stick with how long to stay off your driveway after paving, and that’s anywhere from 3 to 14 days, depending on the situation.

However, if you see any stain on your driveway soon after installing it, you should consider removing it as quickly as you can.

The best approach here is to use an absorbent product like a sponge, if possible.

Avoid using any chemical-based solutions, as these can be very problematic for your driveway.

Addressing these early on will prevent any stains from remaining there in the long run.

Cracks are also a problem, and that’s why you want to repair them as soon as possible.

If you leave those cracks unattended, then you risk things like water infiltration.

This can lead to issues such as thawing and freezing.

Water will expand in these situations, and that can lead to asphalt damage very quickly.

Since cracks are harder to deal with, especially if they are large, it’s a good idea to talk with a professional and ensure they are addressed as quickly as you can.

Tips and tricks to protect your new driveway asphalt

One of the main things to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t drive or walk on the driveway for at least 1-3 days.

Parking is not ok for at least 2 weeks, since you need to ensure that the asphalt is properly set and without any signs of damage.

We also recommend not dropping anything heavy on the new asphalt, as that can lead to cracks or dents. If that happens, repair those cracks right away.

Since water damage can be problematic, you need to ensure there are no cracks in your asphalt, and you also want to cover it before rainfall to prevent long term damage.

Even when you clean your asphalt, it’s a very good idea to avoid using any harsh chemicals.

Preventing the use of pressure cleaners or power washers is just as important.

Any type of high-pressure device can lead to long term damage.

Another tip is to not park in the same spot all the time, especially if you have new asphalt.

The car’s weight can be too much for that part of your driveway, and you might encounter surface damage after a while.

Conclusion to how long to stay off driveway after paving

Knowing how long to stay off your driveway after paving is crucial if you want to protect your asphalt.

The truth is that it can be challenging to avoid parking or driving onto your new driveway, but you need to avoid doing that for at least a few days.

As we said earlier, avoid walking or driving over the driveway for 1-3 days after laying the asphalt.

And you should definitely avoid parking on your driveway for 2 weeks, maybe a few more days if necessary.

We also recommend using our tips listed above so you can protect your newly laid asphalt from long term damage!

Contact Phoenix Paving Company for all your paving needs!



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